Top 12 Most Frequently-Asked Questions About the Emerald Coast Boat Club

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Top 12 Most Frequently-Asked Questions About the Emerald Coast Marine Boat Club


Since the launch of our awesome boat club here in the Destin and NW Florida area, we’ve met with several prospective members to conduct tours of our facility and to answer questions about membership.

We’ve found that many ask similar questions. So, in keeping with our goal to be totally forthcoming about our products and services offerings …  and in hopes of answering and addressing your key questions or concerns about our boat club …  we’ve assembled a dozen of the most common inquiries along with our answers.

We hope this better explains how the boat club works and whether it is a viable option for you and your family!

1.What’s the real benefit of the boat club vs. buying a new or used boat, or renting on occasion?

Not surprisingly, this is a big question many ask and since we are a full-service dealership, we believe we are well qualified and unbiased to answer. At Emerald Coast Marine, our goal is to provide the best boating access to the community so whether our friends choose to buy a boat or join the club, we are positioned to provide solutions and offer the gateway to fun for your family!

If you have a specific type of boat you desire and want to customize and outfit it in a particular way, a boat purchase may be your best bet. Having your own boat allows you to come and go as you please and to set it up exactly as desired. Boat owners will need to consider insurance, storage and ongoing maintenance costs in their overall considerations.

If you are considering buying a boat but not sure what type of boat you really want or how much you might use it, the boat club may provide an ideal alternative as you learn the ropes prior to purchase.

Having access to a fleet of boats allow you to experience a different type of boating activities with different brands …. you might take a fishing trip one day on a center console, load up the family and friends for a beach cruise on a popular pontoon, or maybe enjoy watersports with the kids on a deckboat or sportboat.

In addition, newcomers to boating really appreciate the hands-on free training we provide so our members feel both comfortable and confident at the helm.

In addition, as a boat club member, you pay a one-time initiation and then have a flat monthly fee without additional costs for storage, insurance, and maintenance. In fact, your only cost outside of the initiation and monthly fee is for fuel you use and your provisions. Some boat club members really like the fact that they can budget for their boating and plan accordingly.

In addition to newcomers to boating, we’ve discovered that the boat club model is also becoming very popular among experienced boaters who have turned in their keys and are at a stage in life where they simply seek a hassle-free way to access and enjoy the water.

While Emerald Coast Marine does not offer a traditional boat rental program, there is that option as well through other providers. In this scenario, you simply rent a boat from a rental facility when you want to go boating. If you don’t plan to boat very often, this may be your best choice. However, keep in mind that the cost for a full day rental often exceeds a full month fee for the boat club. And, there’s no telling the hours or condition of the boat/engine you may rent so it pays to review the rental fleet in advance.

2. What types of boats are in the Emerald Coast Boat Club fleet?

We keep our finger on the pulse of boat owner registrations in our market and as a boat dealer, we know what products are in greatest demand. Our goal is to have our boat club fleet reflect the wants and desires of boaters in the community we serve.

Presently, our fleet includes high-quality products from leading brands including 20’ Key West center console fishing boats, 22’ Hurricane deckboats and 25’ tri-toon Sweetwater pontoons. The mix of fishing boats, deckboats/sportboats and pontoons are a great fit for the Northwest Florida marketplace. As our membership and our fleet expands, we expect to call on our members to solicit feedback about future product offerings and potentially providing captained services on-demand.

In addition, it’s important to note that our boats are all launched new into the club and maintained and serviced in-house by our staff on a regular basis. We take great pride in the appearance and performance of our products. We want our members to share that pride when they go boating with family and friends.

3. How do I know I will be able to access a boat when I want it?

You may make two rolling reservations up to six months in advance in order to lock in preferred dates. As soon as you use one of your reservations, you are free to book another. You can also check with the club manager for just-in-time usage and if a boat is available, she’s all yours!

4. What is your member-to-boat ratio?

We understand that having our members being able to access boats is critical to the club’s success and our members’ satisfaction. We deliver a 7:1 member-to-boat ratio. That means every time we add a new member past the seventh new member benchmark, we will add a new boat to the fleet. We have benchmarked the competition and most feature a 10:1 ratio, so we believe our club offers greater access and a definitive advantage.

5. How long can we keep the boat out?

Our daily reservations cover a period from sunrise to sunset, providing a full day of fun on the water!

6. How do I make my reservations?

We have created a customized and simple-to-use Smartphone App that you can download. It allows you to make your reservation at your leisure, and also has an option for provisioning your boat.

7. From a membership perspective, there is an initiation fee and monthly dues. How does that work?

There is a one-time initiation fee paid at the time the contract is executed. This is only paid once. Your monthly dues are based upon the membership program you choose that is most beneficial to your family. The monthly dues are locked in at the same rate for a one-year period.   We are happy to review the options with you to see what works best for your boating lifestyle and budget.

8. Once I join the club, can I sell or transfer my membership to a friend or family member?

No, in order to maintain the value and exclusivity of our club, we don’t allow resell or transferring to others.

9. Can I freeze or interrupt my membership if I need to pause payments for some reason?

 The only provision we offer for freezing dues are for cases involving authorized active duty military deployments. While this is the exclusive exception, should there be a catastrophic condition or serious extenuating circumstance, our ownership will take the situation under review.

10. Can I go in on a membership plan with a family member or friend or set up a membership in my business name with employee access?

At present, our membership program is exclusively designed for one single household.

11. How many guests am I allowed to bring on the boat with me?

We follow the designated manufacturer recommendation for each and every boat in the fleet. Each model has a specified manufacturer capacity plate installed and that is the guideline we follow.

12.Any other advantage of joining Emerald Coast Boat Club?

If you are looking for a boat club where the staff knows your name and treats you like the VIP you are, we believe Emerald Coast Marine should be your home on the water!

When you and your family come to our marine center to go boating, our staff works hard to ensure you enjoy an exceptional experience here. From helping you load your gear to provisioning your boat based on your directions, we are here to make your boating as fun as possible.

In addition, based on the membership plan selected, our boat club members have access to all our most popular yacht club amenities. That includes access to our private members lounge, locker room, private pool and cabana, plus discounts at our on-site waterfront restaurant! Members are also invited to participate in our social events, ranging from trips to see the Blue Angels, to riding over by boat to watch the fireworks, to partying on the docks with a live band, and more!

What’s more, our location on the mouth of Turkey Creek provides a tranquil dock environment and awesome calm water conditions that are easy to maneuver. It’s a fact, we are less congested than many other club locations and our members feel safer operating in this environment.

We are also well situated for a variety of great boating activities … we’re minutes from Crab Island, a quick shot to spectacular inshore fishing, an easy cruise up the intercoastal with plenty of picnic beaches or waterfront restaurants, plus close to popular spots frequented by recreational sports enthusiasts who enjoy wake boarding, water skiing and tubing! We are also out of the crowded Destin traffic which is a big advantage to many of our members.

Ready to see if the club is right for you?

We warmly invite you to come and experience Emerald Coast Boat Club firsthand!

Contact our Boat Club Manager Annamarie Worrell for a tour and to see our fleet! We also host monthly open house events where you can meet the team and take a free ride on one of our fleet boats!

Finally, in keeping with our culture and spirit of southern hospitality, ours is a guaranteed no-pressure environment.

Thanks for your interest in our boat club, along with all the other boating products and services that are available. For more information, visit CONTACT US!

Emerald Coast Boat Club

Annamarie Worrell, Boat Club Manager

Cell Phone: (850) 582-7124