Sell Your Yacht


There are five key distinctions that set Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division apart from all other organizations. These unique benchmarks include Our Team; Our Philosophy; Our Processes; Our Programs; and Our Results.


Purchasing or selling a yacht is a complex process and is best navigated with the assistance of a licensed broker. Our team of highly respected, licensed professionals brings decades of proven experience in helping clients both buy or sell their yacht.

At Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division, we believe selecting the right broker is the first step necessary to securing a successful transaction. While the brokerage company’s size and experience matter, it is equally important to choose a team best qualified and committed to meeting your individual goals, while minimizing any potential conflict of interest.

At Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division, our customers truly are our top priority. Our customers tell us they receive all the attention, priority and support they expected and aren’t lost among a sea of pricier mega yachts.

In addition, we offer a team of brokers who specialize in specific types of yachts and within focused territories. This strategic approach allows us to zero in and analyze your specific needs with a great degree of expertise and efficiency, while delivering the best support possible.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation and to meet the key members of our brokerage team. We look forward to answering your questions, assisting you throughout your journey and partnering with you for success!


Unlike many brokerage organizations, the #1 primary focus at Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division centers on RELATIONSHIPS, not simply the bottom line. We believe our customers should expect an enthusiastic approach to business, coupled with transparency and compassion that are second to none. This is the cornerstone foundation from which we have built relationships that last long after the transaction is completed.

Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division is also committed to delivering the highest degree of integrity in all aspects of our business operations. We take your best interests to guide us in our recommendations. We commit to never compromising our integrity, and to delivering total transparency in all dealings and communications.

Our team deeply values and truly appreciates the opportunity we have been given to represent our customers. We are motivated to helping our customers realize their goals and are very excited to participate in this process!

Our yacht division, like the entire Emerald Coast Marine Group organization, holds the highest regard for the technical and ethical standards of our profession. In all aspects of our business practices, you can expect to experience and enjoy the highest level of professionalism possible.

In addition, we understand both the rational and the emotional sides of the brokerage relationship and we exercise the greatest compassion possible to make this a positive and beneficial experience for you. We make it a point to understand your perspective and to respond to your needs accordingly. We care about you!

Finally, our philosophy is to provide the important resources you require to elevate your yachting experience. Our yacht customers not only enjoy the highest level of yacht sales and brokerage services, but a full array of options including marina slips, high and dry storage in hurricane-rated facilities, turnkey yacht management and comprehensive yacht service. We are proud to serve as your one-stop shop for all your yachting needs.


At Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division you will enjoy the pleasure of working with a team of dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic brokers who are committed to serving you with the highest level of integrity and responsiveness throughout the sales process.

Each member of our brokerage team has been carefully chosen because of his or her experience, coupled with their full support and buy-in to our culture and values. This includes a full embrace and execution of our established processes.

Our team is wired to serve. Our processes require that we consistently communicate with our customers and provide prompt responses so that you are always up-to-date and advised in a timely manner. Our brokers fully understand time sensitivity in dealing with brokerage transactions. As a result, we are available 24/7 to help you close the deal.

An integral aspect of our process involves clear and timely communications.  When you ask, we answer. We believe it is critical to establish well documented written and verbal communication involving all parties: ourselves, our brokerage clients and the buyers of their yachts. We take every measure possible to ensure accuracy in all internal and external communications.

In terms of client deliverables, our customers should expect the following as part of our process:

  • CONSULTATION. Our brokers will invest the necessary time to fully consult with their clients in order to understand their goals and expectations.
  • RESEARCH. Our brokers will thoroughly research and provide an extensive vessel and market analysis to recommend and determine the best course of action moving forward. This includes researching active listings in the market, vessel sold comps within the past year and analyzing actual book value. Based on this information, we will make recommendations and work with you to determine the best possible pricing strategy.
  • EVALUATION. In addition, if your vessel needs any service, repairs or detailing prior to listing, our Yacht Management Team will inspect your yacht and provide recommendations and associated pricing. Sometimes even a few minor tweaks can make all the difference in your sales activity and success!
  • CLOSING. After our team secures your buyer, we handle all aspects of the sale from sea trials surveys, haul-outs, financing, insurance needs and any mechanical or cosmetic needs


One of the major benefits of working with Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division lies in our sales and marketing expertise and support as part of our customer offerings. We excel in marketing to the key demographic best qualified and motivated to purchase your yacht.

  • Our comprehensive marketing program includes deploying strategic campaigns to include a mix of targeted websites, social media, email and direct mail distributions, select print media, point of sale at key marina venues and boat shows, among others.
  • When it’s time to list your boat, we go the extra mile and hire professional photographers and videographers to capture interior and exterior photos as well as aerial photography expertly shot from drones. The quality of our imagery and video makes a major impact on your prospective customer!
  • Your vessel is listed and marketed online through major consumer yacht portals including, along with an array of other online websites which are highly ranked for SEO and attract thousands of unique visitors annually.
  • We have access to a major marketing database of prospects and a vast broker network for digital listings distribution.

Another critical component in our sales and marketing programs involves networking.

  • We firmly believe it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. In the brokerage community, a great deal of success stems from being connected to a well-established brokerage network encompassing other brokers, vendors, industry colleagues and clients. Our organization brings an enormous statewide network of contacts to bear in your behalf.
  • When you list with Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division, you can expect that the reach of exposure extends far beyond our local market.

 Another program feature we offer involves LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

  • Our beautiful waterfront marina facility with 60 wet slips is the ideal showcase for your beautiful yacht throughout the sales and marketing process!


At the end of the day – or the transaction – it all comes down to performance. How successful was your yacht sales experience … and how pleased were you by the services provided?

Emerald Coast Marine Group’s Yacht Division isn’t the biggest brokerage organization in the business, nor do we want to be. Our goal is simple and straightforward: to provide a seamless transaction for our customers, with the highest level of professionalism all while helping you achieve your goals. To that end, our results … and our customers … speak for themselves.