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Your friends at Emerald Coast Marine Group are committed to assisting our valued boaters and friends with ongoing education and assistance.

To that end, we are very pleased to introduce you to our Learning Center! We have organized blogs according to Service, Cruising, Safety, Water Sports, fun Recipes from our Galley, and then general information about Emerald Coast Marine Group.

We hope you’ll take time to explore our Learning Center … and we hope you find plenty of great and useful information to enhance your boating experience and time on the water! We are constantly updating our blog with new content, so please visit often!

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Anyone who loves the Emerald Coast agrees on one thing: this is boaters’ paradise! To take it one step further, it is pure nirvana for active anglers who find the lure of the turquoise waters and the wealth of species totally captivating! If you’re new to the NW Florida or […]
For many Emerald Coast boaters, a day on the water is the best way to relax with friends and family. There’s just nothing more rewarding than hanging out with your best buds and enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your hair! Whether you’re anchored at Crab […]
NAME THAT TUNE! Got boating in your blood? Looking for some new tunes to crank up next time you’re out on the water? We’ve tapped the Discover Boating website for their pick of 24 top boating tunes favored by boating enthusiasts just like you! It’s party time on the water […]
Maybe you’re ready to sell your boat so you can upgrade to a newer model. Or maybe your family is relocating from the Emerald Coast and you need to move your boat quickly. Whatever, the compelling reason driving the desire to sell, it’s important to consider several points as you […]
Whether you are new to the boating community or have spent the majority of your life on the water, it is important to know some basic boat handling skills before operating a boat. This list of skills doesn’t take the place of on-water boating safety instruction, but knowing how to […]