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Your friends at Emerald Coast Marine Group are committed to assisting our valued boaters and friends with ongoing education and assistance.

To that end, we are very pleased to introduce you to our Learning Center! We have organized blogs according to Service, Cruising, Safety, Water Sports, fun Recipes from our Galley, and then general information about Emerald Coast Marine Group.

We hope you’ll take time to explore our Learning Center … and we hope you find plenty of great and useful information to enhance your boating experience and time on the water! We are constantly updating our blog with new content, so please visit often!

In addition, if there is a topic you’d like us to explore, or if you have something you’d like to share, please feel free to send us your recommendations! Email Annamarie@emeraldcoastmarine.com

One thing we know for sure … plenty of our customers at Emerald Coast Marine enjoy fishing … and eating fish! With that in mind, we also know there is nothing more rewarding than bringing your own prize trophy back to shore … and eventually, feasting with friends and family […]
Emerald Coast Marine Group advocates boating safety! We believe smart boaters are safe boaters! As part of our ongoing effort to educate our customers on safe boating practices, we search for great boating safety tips to share as well as create our own content for our blog. This month, we’re […]
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Top 12 Most Frequently-Asked Questions About the Emerald Coast Marine Boat Club   Since the launch of our awesome boat club here in the Destin and NW Florida area, we’ve met with several prospective members to conduct tours of our facility and to answer questions about membership. We’ve found that […]
There’s nothing more adorable than seeing man’s best friend thoroughly lapping up the great outdoors with his or her favorite human family! Here in NW Florida, we’ve all passed boats carrying our favorite mascots complete with wagging tails, dancing eyes and buoyant barking spirits! Boating with beloved fur babies on […]
There is something truly magical about boating with the little guys! Their unabashed excitement and joy when boating and enjoying life on the water is almost as much fun as seeing through their eyes on Christmas morning. Who hasn’t felt their heart surge when your little princess squeals as she […]