Finance & Insurance

For many existing and prospective new boat owners, securing favorable financing and insurance is often a challenging proposition.


Many customers are unfamiliar with the finance options available when purchasing a boat and compare it to financing a car. The good news, however, is that boat financing is much like financing a home. Banks and service providers understand that boating is a recreational activity and often will provide much longer terms and more favorable rates, making boating very affordable!

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ECMG is pleased to assist customers in securing the best and most competitive insurance coverage available. We are pleased to answer all the questions you may have, while helping you save money along the way. Many customers assume that their auto policies will extend to insure their boats and while some may offer that option, it doesn’t mean the rates are the most cost effective or favorable.

No matter the size of your boat of choice, customers of Emerald Coast Marine will benefit from our extensive network of established finance and insurance providers. Our goal is to help our customers find and secure the best possible finance and insurance options for their vessel.