Havent done well at keeping this log up to date.
Gathered up EOTM boxes and delivered results to Wanda after scanning each entry
Added graphic header to Youtube channel


Send out Employee Newsletter
Edit on Alex video, pulled off to take and edit pic for Employee of the Month
and do job posting for Accounts Payable position.


Edited some on Alex video very little and then had to work on Orange Beach Boat Show video.
Pulled off of that to create a Mail Chimp campaign for in house meeting here.


More measurements of showroom
Took pix and added measurements to pix, uploaded to Sharepoint, sent to Melanie
Loren asked to have Boat Washer job removed from Billboard, done


Took Photos of various angles of showroom, Shawn wanted updated photo of it.
Checked Amazon to see if they have quantity discounts for digital picture frames.
Took Photos of interior of Seahunt 450 for Jeff Amos, edited and uploaded to Sharepoint for him
Record Annamarie for OB Show promo Video done and uploaded to sharepoint for Wanda and Annmarie review
Rerecord Annamarie
Started developing video ad for Orange Beach Boat Show
Took more photos of Showroom for Shawn


Took Photo of Shane Strauss, added to website.
Fixed Linette up with Nautique booklets.
Long meeting with Wanda
Sent recommendations for white digital picture frames to Wanda and Melanie
Sent email to Luke to find out what if TV’s in service dept run from a thumb drive.
Trying to work on Alex Crevalle video.
Sent email to kcagle@cpctek.com inquired what 10k, 15k and 20k would get us in terms of equipment for displaying video in showroom
Sent Theo email to find out what his dad’s proper spelling and contact info is for website.


Rearranged and organized YouTube channel
Checked and updated Property Boards
Long meeting with Wanda didn’t get to edit Alex video


Took pix of Chase, edited and distributed to website, and Mail chimp
Took photo of Yeti Cooler, distributed to Wanda, Melanie and Mailchimp
Editing of Alex walk through Video of the Crevalle H23

Technical errand running for Boat Photos for Wanda article
Edit of Alex Video hopefully

Edit of Alex Boat Video
Technical errands for Boat Article Wanda publishing
Fix Jeff Henley, Justin titles and images on website.
Update Property Billboards

Seminar with Wanda to Destin all morning
Film Alex Boat Video

Seminar with Wanda at Niceville


2/12/2021 Videos edited:

2/12/2021  Contacted Yvonne at Boat to remove Caver and Marquis from our site footer. Mission accomplished, done.

2/12/2021 Added Solace to the menu items under Boats for sale on site.

2/12/2021 Added items to Job Postings file on sharepoint

2/12/2021 Worked with Steve about adding the Life is Better With a Boat sign to his back wall,

2/11/2021 Editing Nautique for Youtube video and Lobby

2/11/2021 Taking forever to download Nautique Videos to edit

2/11/2021 Put Job posting listings on Sharedrive under Marketing/JobPostingList/Job Posting Matrix.docx

2/11/2021 Went back and forth about getting thumb drive for Orange Beach to play videos on the TV’s. So hopefully we have thumb drive ordered for that via Linette.

2/11/2021 Re-Photographed marketing materials in Wanda’s office and sent.

2/11/2021  Went and got lunch for my buddy Ken, he’s had a rough day.

2/11/2021 Processed and uploaded and notified everyone concerned about employee photos and property images of Orange Beach Facility.

2/10/2021 All day in Orange Beach shooting

2/9/2021 Updated Property board with 3 new jobs.

2/8/2021 Sent All analytics to Wanda for 2020 and 2021 to this date. Added Marina Employee Search to Property Board.

Added these Boat videos to the Youtube site


2/8/2021 Fixed contact form on Engine Repower page to reach Traci and took off Jeff H

2/5/2021 Created “Billboard” page to log what is playing on the property boards.

2/4/2021 Contacted FAA to find out why we aren’t able to get authorizations to fly in the Bayou any more. Received communication back from them and forwarded on to Shawn and Wanda. Sent to Shawn because he had asked me to get some Drone images and I wasn’t able to fly because of the restrictions. At least I was able to pull from Google earth to get us by.

2/4/2021 Setup domain and website emeraldcoastmarineshow.com

2/3/2021 Added Photo to header of News Section.

2/3/2021 Added article to news section.

2/3/2021 Checked to see how long it will take us to get Google Analytics report requested yesterday. Yvonne said by end of day today.

2/2/2021 Contacted Boats.com to see if we could implement a photo upload page for contest. They said no as it presents a huge security risk to them having uploads like that. I then contacted our IT company Bitwizard to see what they might charge to set up a domain and site that would allow us to create a landing page on our regular site but have a link that would redirect to a new independent site and server to house the uploaded images. I requested a quote and am awaiting their reply.  Reference: https://www.sportsmanboatsmfg.com/photo-contest/create

2/1/2021 Sent Crevalle logo to Yvonne and asked that it be updated on our home page.

1/29/2021 Fixed website link on careers pages.

1/29/2021 Compiled Email and Sent to all recipients about sunken sailboat

1/29/2021 Photography for All 4 Boat Club Boats

1/29/2021 Put together graphic for Shawn regarding sunken sailboat.

1/28/2021  Completely reworked Careers page and added individual pages for each job listing.

1/28/2021 Fixed email destination for contact form on Electronics page

1/25/2021  Added scenic images to Home Page Carousel

1/25/2021 Took and added new images to Marina Storage Carousel

1/25/2021  Added Images to Services Carousel

1/25/2021 Photographed and sent to Melanie the need for new graphics on the swimming pool gates.

1/21/2021 Change all pages to new header/logo section

1/21/2021 Shot edited and uploaded Photos of Beneteau GT40 for Jeff Amos and Davied Lunsford

1/20/2021 Shot Edited and Added Images to the Marina Storage Carousel Page

1/19/2021 Spent over an hour on phone with Yvonne trying to work out issues with Contact Us and Boat Sales Team requests.

For reference see: gulfcoastyachtgroup.com

1/19/2021  Began communication with yvonne.valdez@boats.com about getting Boat Sales Page and Contact us page fixed

1/19/2021  Resent to Jesse 7th Request for help on Boat Sale page and Second Request for cleanup needed on Contact Us page. (No reply)

1/19/2021  Fixed DJ Shirt color and Background

1/18/2021 Made adjustments on Boat Club Page

1/15/21 Asked Loren and Annamarie how much of this page is accurate: https://www.emeraldcoastmarine.com/coastal-escapes/

1/15/2021  Phone number for Parts and Service to Footer for Orange Beach

1/14/2021 Wrote to Jesse and asked to fix the tabs on the Contact Us page and also about the restructuring of the Boat Sales Team page. my 6th such request with no answer.

1/14/2021  Boat Club made title of boats larger and bold

1/13/2021 Change Annamarie title to: Marine Consultant & Boat Club Sales Manager

1/13/2021 Added Parts and Service Phone number to the Footer.

1/13/2021 Made mug shots text flush left

1/12/21 Removed links to Godfrey, Aquapatio, Sweetwater and San Pan (per Annamarie)

1/12/21 Removed Menu Link to Billistic (per annamarie)

1/12/21 Fixed Monterey Menu Link

1/8/21 Updated Justin and Brigs Bio pages

1/8/21 Added photos to Boat Club Carousel

1/7/21 Added job listing to careers page

1/7/21 Added Brig Bearden to Boat Sales Page

1/7/2021 Boat Club page

1/7/2021 Boat Club/Fleet Page

1/7/21 Sent another request to Jesse to Program the page so that locations are separated.

1/7/21  Ken Pic

1/7/21  Justin Pic and edit info