Emerald Coast Marine Shares Online Boater Education Training Resources

Calling All New Boat Owners:
Important Boating Safety Education and Resources Available!

While the Emerald Coast attracts a slew of highly seasoned boating enthusiasts who live here or come regularly to enjoy the spectacular Salt Life, we are equally fortunate to attract and introduce many newcomers to our sport and lifestyle.

ECM is a very strong advocate for boating safety and as such, we traditionally provide complimentary training for our new customers through the US Power Squadron. However, with Covid-19 conditions, the ability to gather larger groups for training has been impacted.

ECM looks forward to continuing our long-standing commitment to providing boating safety programming for our customers and our community as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

While we are unable to host these onsite training classes at present, we did want to share some important resources that serve as great primers and reminders for the captain and everyone aboard.

We highly encourage you to visit the link provided by the U.S. Coast Guard division of Boating Safety and to take the time to review these critically important safety and training resources which you can review from the comfort and convenience of your home.

We cannot overemphasize just how important it is to be well educated about proper boating operation, safety standards, understanding the rules of the waterways and guides to navigation and overall practices.

We have collected a few key links to assist you in your boating safety education. Smart boaters – no matter how long they’ve been on the water – will all agree that you can never be too educated … and you can always continue to learn and improve your skills.

Remember: Happy Boaters are Safe Boaters!

CLICK HERE for U.S. Coast Guard Links – Boating Safety Class Resources

CLICK HERE for the U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App

CLICK HERE for the FL Boaters Handbook

CLICK HERE for BoatUS Boating Safety – Video Courses (Free Standard Course Available)

CLICK HERE for US Power Squadron Public Education Programs