Check & Protect Your Prop!

Boaters with an outboard or stern drive engine should always check the propeller as part of your pre-launch or post-boating routine. A quick look for visual damage is in order, as prop damage can greatly impact your boat’s overall performance and negatively affect other areas of boat operation and efficiency.

Besides the visual review, we recommend removing the propeller several times during the active boating season to ensure your prop is free of discarded fishing line which sometimes can wrap itself around the shaft. Use a deep well socket to remove the prop. If you find snagged fishing line or other damage, ask your service professionals at Emerald Coast Marine center to inspect the gear case or review other concerns you may have. Loose fishing line is a culprit frequently associated with gear case leaks and that is not a DYI job most recreational boaters are equipped to undertake.

With the propeller removed, inspect closely for nicks, dents and other signs of damage. Be sure to have the prop repaired if you spot any signs of impact, as even the smallest dent can cause your boat to lose performance and burn excessive fuel. A damaged prop also causes undue vibrations which add extra stress on bearings and seals, potentially resulting in additional damage. If you note some wear and tear on the paint, that’s normal and doesn’t require service unless it is accompanied by damage in the area.

TIP: Once you’ve completed your prop inspection and handled any issues, complete the project by adding a liberal amount of waterproof grease on the propeller shaft to prevent corrosion from “freezing” it in place. Then it’s time to re-install the propeller and hardware in the same order that you removed them. Finally, tighten the nut snugly and secure the locking tabs against the nut so it can’t back off the shaft threads.

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